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The following pages are topics of semiconductor related interest to Dowd Associates. If you have specific requests for information you would like to see in these pages, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Known Good Die (KGD)

This is and will remain a hot topic in the industry as a whole for some time to come. The concept of KGD has been around for a long time and through industry collabration and various working groups there is a pretty good understanding of what the requirements are for KGD.

The following basic definitions could be used t summarise the various states of unpackaged die shipments within the industry:

  • KGD - Known Good Die - is an unpackaged die (chip) that has been characterised to the highest quality, reliability, and performance levels as its packaged counterpart.
  • MTD - Minimum Tested Die - is an unpackaged die (chip) that has only been tested for the elimination of gross processing/operational defects.
  • UTD - UnTested Die - is an unpackaged die (chip) that has no level of testing completed.

Dowd Associates have a long standing interest in this subject matter and are in the process of producing optomised wafer level testing schemes to assist with delivery of KGD.


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