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Key Skills

Lack of resource is not an excuse for failure - Dowd Associates can supply the resource and technical expertise to meet your project goals and deadlines.

Professional and fully focused on all aspects of project deliveries to ensure budget, resource, and time to market demands are within targets. Self motivated and enthusiastic, producing highest quality deliverables. Seeks the challenge in a position and expect to be challenged on all areas of workload. Innovative and open to novel approaches to solve difficult technical and people situations.

Project Management

* Planned and managed all technical aspects of a sub-system development (RTL – GDSII) in 90nm technology for a telecommunications client. The project involved training a team of inexperienced engineers and executing the complete implementation within the time-scales imposed by the client. The successful completion of the project ensured the next generation sub-system was also assigned to the group.
* Nurtured a previously poor client interface to ensure repeat business. Adequate planning, feedback and daily communications ensured improved client confidence, coupled with increased group exposure within the client management structure.
* Technical management for implementation of a complex radio device from RTL through to GDSII. Device build required close collaboration with all associated design teams (mixed signal/radio/digital). Position responsibilities also included the implementation aspects associated with fabrication, test, and assembly houses.
* Technical management of a SPI4.2 to quad SPI3 switch development. SPI4.2 PHY implemented in standard cell technology 180nm. Device complicated with non-standard I/O configurations, flip-chip requirements, and the need for derivative device with alternate configurations. Position required high levels of support to the package substrate design teams.

Problem Solving

* Developed basic practical DFT training programs for a group of inexperienced engineers to enable effective task delegation associated with a complex sub-system development.
* Proposed a new design flow for an external customer to enable an SOC style chip build using industry standard tooling. This device contained over 4 million transistors, 80% of which were contained in custom built modules – previous silicon iterations of the device were complete failures due to inadequacies of the existing design flow.
* Developed a Phantom Chip Methodology to enable rapid top level SOC implementation based on specification. The Phantom chip provided the physical framework for effective plug and play as sub-modules progressed through the implementation flow. This methodology ensured a successful design service contract win with a tier one OEM company.
* Developed and in-house logic bist solution for internal intellectual property to ensure high quality deliverables to end customers coupled with minimal test time overhead.
* Developed a scan-chain reordering methodology to solve routing congestion issues on a high volume part for the telecommunications industry. Lack of this methodology would have required migration to a larger die size with subsequent return on investment implications.

Commercial Skills

* Panel member of industry experts to discuss the implications and requirements for testing DSM semi-conductor products. Quality, cost, and time to market being the main areas for panel discussion, coupled with thoughts on leading edge ATE and low cost ATE requirements for the future of the industry.
* Prepared numerous RFQ’s for design service contracts – all contributions accounting for technical aspects of proposals encompassing company resource profiles and projected workload.

Leadership & Operations Management

* Managed the day-to-day operations of an 8 strong engineering group, 4 members dedicated to DFT. Provided ongoing training and mentor style leadership to all team members to ensure successful completion of a design service contract. Successful completion ensured repeat business for a subsequent development.
* Ensured company profile within major client base was highly regarded. Based largely on highly motivated team efforts and management communication over a six month period.

Team Working & Communication

* Instrumental in development of a new communication system to a major client to ensure accurate and targeted results allowing greatly increased team status within the client management structure.
* Actively promoted company developments within the industry, publications, technical conferences, panel forums.


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