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Dowd Associates provides a range of services that are suited to critical areas of complex Syetem on Chip developments. The system of services on offer is designed to meet customers needs in times of resource and deadline bottlenecks. The nature of complex System on Chip developments often requires increased expert resource allocation during critical stages of the development cycle - this is where Dowd Associates can augment the productivity of a team and assist in the on time delivery of targets.

Dowd Associates will continue to advance the fields of Design for Test/Manufacture/Yield and currently offer a range of Design Services to meet current and future industry needs and requirements. From industry standard to novel custom test solutions you can be sure of satisfaction from initial engagement.

The main areas for development for the immediate future will be in the realms of low cost test solutions for volume production (new markets and test facilities, low cost ATE). Coupled with the work on added value test solutions there will be a drive towards an adoption of technology to aid and assist clients into the currently dauting area of Known Good Die.


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